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Zakah Life Essentials Review

While we were touched by founder Cole Stegman’s story of rags to riches, we were left wanting a lot more substance from Zakah Life. We love their straightforward formulations, but loosely throwing around terms like ‘full-spectrum’ and ‘laboratory testing’ with no real substantiation of said claims leaves us feeling skeptical. All in all, ZL feels too much like a marketing experiment, rather than an authentic cannabinoid vendor.

CBD Rx/Functional Remedies Review

We love that CBDRx/Functional Remedies grows their proprietary high-CBD hemp, and practices sustainable and all-natural farming methods to boot. Furthermore, the ‘lipid extraction’ technique may promise a more potent and efficacious product. However, a lack of laboratory testing Certificates of Analysis force us to remain guarded about what looks to be an otherwise an excellent source for CBD products.

HempWorx Review

When it comes to having a verifiably pure product, HempWorx receives high marks. More impressive yet is the tenacity with which they attempt to educate consumers about CBDs. However, HempWorx is a multi-level marketing company that requires membership to purchase their products, and as such we recommend looking elsewhere for your personal CBD needs.

CBD Fusion Water Review

Gimmicks and marketing jargon are favorite pastimes at CBD Fusion Water, a company offering cannabinoid infused water (then again it may just be plain H2O!) that is the result of a collaboration by the Braintrust (nickname for a group of incompetent doctors). It is curious that a collection of such highly educated individuals chooses to ignore the importance of laboratory testing, and further out-do themselves by choosing not to tell us where their hemp originates or why they care about CBDs. Aside from a good laugh and bad branding, there’s not much one will glean from this shady cannabinoid vendor.

Hemplucid Review

true Facebook Twitter Google+ EmailFollowHemplucid Review: 60-Second Summary Hemplucid starts strong with their “Whole-Plant CBD” product formulations and their “Transparent Guarantee.” Although they have plenty of up-to-date news and articles about CBD, there are no posted test results to back up their ample claims of purity, quality, and even THC content. While Hemplucid appear to …

Koi CBD Review

Although Koi CBD claims to value ‘full traceability’ nothing about their business would indicate this is true. Although there is a published Certificate of Analysis, it is from over a year ago and therefore irrelevant. Although the testimonials section is encouraging, a mournful lack of discussion about the source of the hemp used for extracting the CBD oil is perhaps the final nail in Koi CBD’s coffin.

TreatWell Review

After years on Wall Street, TreatWell’s founder contracted meningitis and lapsed into a coma, and CBDs helped save his life. TreatWell is his attempt to share cannabinoid therapy with the masses. Unfortunately, for now, one must reside in California to try these 2016 Emerald Cup-winning products. Perhaps the most notable items offered by TreatWell are the THCa and CBDa tinctures, which claim to treat a specific set of illnesses more effectively than CBD alone. If TreatWell were to publish CoAs proving their laboratory testing, they might just find a top spot on our list.

Kiva Confections Review

Anybody who’s visited a medical marijuana dispensary in California has come across Kiva’s artisan cannabis-infused chocolate bars. They’ve garnered multiple awards for their attention to detail and quality control, and rightly so. This dedication at each step of the process is what differentiates a good vendor from a great one. The only nuance is the lack of published Certificates of Analysis, but we are hopeful that they are available upon request (as they do claim to perform such tests). As such, Kiva is really more of a 4.5 as opposed a 4.

Hempotion Review

Hempotion is yet another example of an outwardly unscrupulous CBD vendor. Whether it’s information on source material, innovative products, a bold and uplifting mission statement, laboratory test results, or charitable intentions that one seeks, disappointment is sure to fill the hearts of any would-be visitors to Hempotion’s site.

Holy Grail Review

As the product offerings are very generic, it is hard not to lose focus and notice several mistakes littered around Holy Grail’s site. At the risk of sounding mean, we feel embarrassed for this business due to their statement that “CBD is an acronym for cannabidiol.” After reading this tragic grammatical failure, we picked up on quite a few other wording quirks on the site that do anything but make us feel like the folks at Holy Grail are conscious and intentional people. The overall vibe is that the site was quickly and carelessly thrown together to cash in on the CBD craze. We don’t have any substantial evidence that Holy Grail is running a shady operation, but as they say, the proof is in the pudding.

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