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CBD Global Extracts Review

CBD Global blew our hair back with the ferocity of their efforts in the cannabinoid industry. Pioneering with various items such as Cannabis Transparency Standards (CTS) and their Official Transparency Report (OTR), quality and safety are always a guarantee with this vendor. Although not geared towards the average consumer, if you are a retailer/wholesaler, we highly recommend you give this phenomenal, integrals, and dedicated CBD company your hard-earned dollars.

RE Botanicals Review

Renew. Regrow. Regenerate. RE Botanicals is the real deal on the sustainable agriculture front with an expert and seasoned founder and the ultimate in regenerative farming practices. They are the first national hemp brand to receive the coveted but arduous USDA organic seal due to their commitment to all things organic, no exceptions. RE Botanicals is on a mission to reverse climate change with responsible farming, and they’re making huge strides. We’re pleased to award them all five stars for their unparalleled standards of excellence.

VitaMia Hemp Review

At VitaMia Hemp, the farm is the muse of this family business that emphasizes quality over quality.  They easily hit high marks for sustainability and advanced farming techniques, priding themselves on the purity of their products that have a literal personal touch (they are harvested and processed by hand).  We recognize excellence in localized production, as their entire process takes place in Colorado, and the bulk of it happens on or near their farm in Boulder.  However, VitaMia falls short in a few key areas that we’d like to see resolved.

Harmony Review

As their name suggests, Harmony is interested in making the world a better place, and they intend to accomplish this through proliferating cannabinoid products to the masses at an affordable cost. Their business model reflects their expansive mindset as does their international, forward-thinking team. Meet the self-proclaimed hemp pioneers determined to eliminate barriers and improve lives across the globe.

Blue Sky Biologicals Review

Blue Sky Biologicals is producing serious volume on a global scale.  With jaw-droppingly extensive and efficient production facilities in China, they are procuring top-notch CBD for individuals and brands all over the world.  From humble beginnings in the kitchen of a wellness expert, Blue Sky Biologicals has grown through their commitment to basic tenants: conscious impact, organic promise, interconnectedness, and restoration.  While we are disappointed in their lack of posted test results, they are nevertheless a brand worth checking out.

HempleBox Review

The subscription box industry has exploded since 2011 when some of the now heavy-hitters came on the scene.  And it’s easy to see why – who doesn’t want a box of mini-surprises at their doorstep every month?  HempleBox curates personalized boxes featuring a variety of CBD brands, including their proprietary CBD e-liquid, delivered to the cannabis enthusiast every month.  We genuinely like the premise, but a closer look at HempleBox’s featured products makes us hesitant to join the party.

Thoughtcloud Review

Level up!  That’s what’s happening with Thoughtcloud, a sophisticated innovator with products that dominate.  We’re talking ozonated molecules, high concentrations of lesser-known, powerhouse cannabinoids, and prime healing ingredients wielded by holistic experts.  Any discerning consumer in the holistic space will recognize this brand’s superiority.  They fall just short of a five-star rating by failing to post online test results, but other than that, Thoughtcloud earns high marks from us as a trustworthy and charitable organization.

Buddha CBD Teas Review

We can’t say enough good things about Buddha Teas.  Everything about this company screams sustainability, from their honestly organic ingredients to the environmentally-friendly coating on their packaging.  And they’re doing something no one else is, at least in America.  The CBD in their tea is water soluble, optimizing bioavailability and creating a wonderful experience for tea drinkers everywhere.  We were incredibly close to awarding them a five-star rating, but we need to see lab results from their CBD to make that happen.

HealthSmart CBD Review

HealthSmart CBD focuses on natural solutions for optimal wellness, and they do so by procuring remarkable products with transparency and passion.  Additionally, the company seems genuinely committed to educating its customers with a wealth of organized information and links to published studies on their website, all without making any lofty (not to mention unethical) claims.  Organic ingredients and online independent test results for each SKU reinforce a responsibility to safety and quality that we always love to see.

Joy Organics Review

The mission of Joy Organics is to set a standard of purity and bioavailability in the CBD business.  The founder had significant trouble finding CBD products that actually worked, which inspired her to create a company people can rely on.  Everything is grown and processed in the U.S. and verified by stringent testing to create extremely effective, full spectrum supplements.  Joy is known to donate sales proceeds to legitimate non-profits, and her business is steadily growing as more and more consumers discover her potent, affordable products.

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