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Therabis Review

There is an abundant amount of anecdotal evidence that alludes to the fact that Dr. Stephen Katz of Therabis offers a strong, effective cannabinoid product for animals. With decades of experience as a veterinarian, and ten years of product development, Dr. Katz’s credentials speak for themselves. However, if what Therabis offers is as radical as they say, they owe it to themselves to publish documentation to verify the safety and quality of their pet-formulated medicinals.

Organabus Review

Considering that “Organabus” almost has the word “organic” in their company name, one would expect to see more than a simple “organic” claim and something about quality controls, product safety, even detailed product descriptions and/or ingredients. The lack of company transparency and safety information warrants cautious consumption from our point of view.

CBD Infusions Review

CBD Infusions offer some familiar cannabinoid-infused products, but little in the way of information about the safety and efficacy of their products, and their difficult-to-navigate website with sparse product or company information does little to put our minds at ease. We advise steering clear with so many other brands and products available that are more consumer-friendly.

Noontide Herbal Elixirs Review

We’d like to think that CBD companies wouldn’t be deliberately offensive, but the photo on the Noontide Herbal Elixirs homepage of a giant styrofoam soda cup next to one of their CBD products (see below) leaves us feeling very uncomfortable. We’re uncertain whether they are consciously trying to deliver a particular message, or simply have what some may consider poor taste. Regardless, the lack of safety information and lack of product/company transparency stood out even more to us.

Nature’s Way Botanicals Review

When it comes to noble motives, Nature’s Way Botanicals stands out from the pack by boldly stating their position on the current opioid abuse epidemic. Tragically, the lack of information in regards to their source material or laboratory testing forces us to recommend shopping elsewhere if looking to tackle health challenges via natural means.

Lidtke Review

Lidtke is a natural supplement retailer that offers its own line of CBD tinctures, including synergistic herbal blends for humans and pets. The care with which these functional tinctures are developed could mean Lidtke engages in mindful, quality product formulation. And while the lack of standard lab tests, substantial customer testimonials, and proof of quality checks is not unusual for the natural products industry, for CBD it gives us pause.

Pura Vida Review

In this instance, we may not even need sixty seconds to communicate the entirety of Pura Vida’s offerings. They discuss the nutrient profile of their CBD products extensively, but overall their site has an underdeveloped feel. It seems they are passionate about the healing properties of hemp, but fall short of the mark by failing to publish documentation that may provide solid evidence for their claims. Regardless, purchases are unavailable to those residing in the US and Canada, so any visits to Pura Vida remain a sight-seeing experience for most.

Canna Companion Review

Canna Companion talks the talk and walk the walk. Formulated by licensed veterinarians – and subject to the scrutiny of their veterinary advisory board – Canna Companion’s full-spectrum comprehensive cannabinoid capsules were formulated as a complement to pet health and wellness regimens, and contain no soy, wheat, corn, sugar, or GMOs. Were there similar assurances that their products were also free of common hemp contaminants, we would feel much more confident recommending them.

JuJu Royal Review

Julian Marley carries on his father’s legacy with his cannabis company, JuJu Royal. Although the primary focus is on promoting THC-rich marijuana strains, they do offer hemp CBD products that appear aimed at recreational users. Although there’s not necessarily anything wrong with JuJu Royal (other than the lack of testing data), there is also nothing that stands out and inspires us beyond the family name, which is likely to be more than enough for many.

Smart Organics Review

Smart Organics’ products are more than your basic CBD fare. While they do offer hemp oils, salves, and tinctures (including a CBD + terpenes oil), they also feature a curated variety of synergistic supplements and functional foods, too. We wish they had some proof of product safety for consumers, but otherwise Smart Organics appear to have all the hallmarks of a solid supplement company.

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